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"33 by Nick Bril" is available in a regular edition and in a Special Edition Box.

The Special Edition of ’33 by Nick Bril’ is a beautiful box with the Nakiri knife, designed by Nick in collaboration with Florentine Kitchen Knives, and a numbered deluxe copy of the book. 200 copies of the book will be released. It is available in both Dutch and English language, please note however that only the Dutch language version is numbered.

The price for this Special Edition is € 250 incl. VAT (excl. delivery costs). The Nakiri knife can only be purchased in combination with the deluxe edition of the book.

With this form you may order one edition at a time. Should you wish to order both editions, please enter this form twice. After validation of your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message containing payment information. .

by Nick Bril

The Jane






‘Early 2011, I asked Sergio to join me for breakfast in Knokke. At the time, I was feeling unsettled about the future and felt I needed new challenges. Managing the kitchen of Oud Sluis was no longer satisfying. I was still young, but wanted to learn in other areas than just the culinary. It wanted to tell Sergio that I was thinking of a new challenge. And I had to do this on time, as Sergio had just opened his second restaurant Pure C in Cadzand. So, there we were, sitting at a table on a Saturday morning, finally a quiet moment in our hectic lives, discussing the future. He listened to my story and asked me to specify my ambitions and why I was thinking of other things. It became clear pretty quickly that Sergio was also ready for a new challenge as soon as Pure C was up and running. Maybe starting a business together would be the right story.’

‘A couple of months later I received a phone call from Job Smeets of Studio Job. He told me about a place in Antwerp, a former chapel that was so beautiful, it might just become the most gorgeous restaurant of Belgium. One visit was all it took. It immediately felt as the place where it was all going to happen. The building might be much too big for a restaurant that we wanted to bring up to a level that would suit us. But not doing it was not an option. I only thought: if we are really going ahead with this, we need help from the people closest to us.

And that is how it started. Three years we spent brainstorming, working and arguing. With partners, suppliers, artists, other businesses and of course the man who could design it: Piet Boon. The Jane would never have been possible without the confidence of all the people who helped us with the project. From the smallest cushion on the couches through to the three kitchens where you can dance behind the stove like never before. Everything in The Jane is the result of a conversation, a discussion, a negotiation. And everything has come about because of the people around us. Our team, our former restaurant-manager Robert and all the partners have made it possible for us to realise our dream.’


Food is our religion. That is why the kitchen in The Jane is located on the altar. Chef Nick Bril, Herman’s former right hand man at restaurant Oud Sluis in Sluis in Zeeland, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the restaurant and decides on the tasty menu together with Sergio.

The Jane is a gastronomic restaurant which is located on the ground floor and all the tables can see the open kitchen. The balanced wine list with the latest biological discoveries as well as the classic wines of the great wineries; it is also possible to order specific wines per glass. Do you wish to make a reservation? You can make a reservation for up to three months in advance.


In the Jane we serve a tasting menu that consists of a number of starters, followed by the main course and two desserts.

11 dishes € 160,00
(cheese instead of dessert € 8,- / cheese as supplement € 18,-)
Prices are excluding drinks.

The Jane offers two wine pairings:
The Jane Inimitables: € 95,00
Jane Essentials: € 75,00

Non alcohol-pairing: € 65,00

All prices are per person and always subject to changes of the price and concept.

In case of a diet wish and/or allergy.
All our dishes consists of a large amount of small details and ingredients. Every single one of them is a part of the ultimate and correct experience of the dish.

We can consider following allergies and/or diet wishes: meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, gluten, lactose, pregnancy and allergies for some ingredients.

Other more profound allergies/diet wishes (like vegan) we will not be able to handle in our dishes. When in doubt whether we are able to serve you, do contact us by phone. You can reach us from Tuesday until Saturday from 09.00 – 17.00h: +32 (0)3 808 44 65.

Please note, when allergies or diet wishes are not mentioned in advance, we will charge an extra fee of € 15,00.

Upper Room Bar






If you are interested in getting to know the tastes and international atmosphere of The Jane in a more accessible and playful setting, we would like to invite you to our Upper Room Bar. A unique place in The Jane with an entire own fresh, unconventional and musical identity.

Furthermore, it allows us to upgrade our restaurant experience, being able to welcome our guests earlier or let them reminisce on a great afternoon without feeling the pressure to leave before dinner service starts.

Izakaya Nights

“An izakaya (居酒屋) (Japanese: [izakaja])is a type of informal Japanese pub. They are casual places for after-work drinking. They have been compared to Irish pubstapas bars and early American saloons and taverns.” Source: Wikipedia

Welcome at the Izakaya Nights.

Every Friday and Saturday evening you can enjoy Asian inspired drinks & bites in our Upper Room Bar.

In an informal setting we serve nihonshu, natural wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails. The dishes on the menu are seasonal and inspired on streetfood and world cuisines.

If you would like to be seated to experience our bar bites & drinks, please send an e-mail to Let us know the number of people and the preferred hour; you can choose between 19h, 19h30 and 20h30; first come first served. We have a registration period of two weeks.  Don’t mind having your drinks and bites standing?  Please, just walk on in.

In addition to our regular Izakaya Nights, special themes will be put in the picture.  These will be anounced on our social media channels.

We hope to welcome you soon on one of our Izakaya Nights.

The Upper Room Bar is also exclusively booked on Friday evening 4 January, Saturday evening 5 January and Saturday evening 13 April.  Therefore we will not host the Izakaya Nights on these evenings.


In stead of elaborate dining, the Upper Room Bar offers the possibility to try and share small dishes around our inked bar kitchen. Our chefs will be happy to dress your à la carte chosen dishes right in front of you.

Like to book a table to lunch in our Upper Room Bar?  You can fill out our online form from two weeks in advance.

Due to the height of our bar kitchen, it is less convenient for wheelchair users to dine here.

Dogs are not allowed in the bar.


zealandisch flat oyster 6° on the rocks (2pcs) – 11

Charcuterie (25 gram) – olive tapenade – pan cristal:

Salame Felino – 11

Paleta 100% Iberico Bellota – 15

Cecina di Buey – “Rubia Gallega” – 13

Norwegian scallop – toasted nori – tsuyu bonito – 11

North Sea crab toast & langoustine  – 15 (supplement royal belgian caviar (10 grams) – 20)

Mackerel ceviche “Leche de Tigre” – avocado – yuzu – 12

Steak tartare – butter salad – seeds toast (per 2) – 11 (p.p.)

Chutoro – sushi rice – shiitake – 15

Brill – Bouchot mussels – green peas – 13

Vol-au-vent pheasant – béarnaise – red chicorée – 12

pulled duck taco – jalapeño – 9

Veal sweetbread & marrow – girolle – artichoke – 14

Holstein loin – black garlic – brussels sprouts (per 2) – 18 (p.p.)

Mango – vanilla – champagne – 11

Raspberry – pistachio – aloe vera – yogurt ice-cream – 11

Cheese selection Van Tricht – mostarda – walnut bread – 16

All content and prices quoted are subject to change.


The Jane

Upper Room Bar

Ever since it first opened the Upper Room Bar and the concept behind it have been an overwhelming success. 3.5 years on, however, our successful formula seems to have outgrown itself.

In the summer months the Upper Room Bar will entirely revolve around upgrading people’s restaurant experience at The Jane. Guests will be able to turn up early, or linger – as the case may be – without the pressure of us needing to make preparations for the evening.

We will also be opening our doors again to anyone who wants to enjoy our atmosphere and setting over great drinks and nibbles, without having to book in advance.

The Upper Room Bar will be used as a bar again, a meeting place without reservation policy nor the constraints of lunch or dinner waiting. You will be welcome at the Upper Room Bar from 11:30am through to 02:00am, from Tuesday to Saturday.

At the end of September the Upper Room Bar’s interior will be revamped to make seating even more comfortable and to optimize the bar experience as a whole.  More on that subject later.

Our memories will become the guiding line for perfecting things and making your own, unique experience even more special.

The Jane

If you have questions regarding reservations, availability or the waiting list, please read below information carefully.

You only can make a reservation up to three months in advance. This reservation period shifts per day.
The new available date will be released as of 08.00 a.m.
Please keep in mind that we are closed on Sundays, Mondays and our own holidays.

If the requested date is no longer available, you can add yourself on the waiting list by choosing the date in the calendar and entering your details. When the waiting list is closed as well, a circle with “x” will appear.

The availability on the website is always accurate and is automatically updated. When fully booked, the date is actually fully booked.
Reservations outside the reservation term is not possible, exceptions will not be made!
Any requests for this will not be handled.

The amount of booking requests is overwhelming. We therefore are immediately fully booked when a new date is released. But everyday reservations are made online, so this can mean you at one point will be able to make a reservation as well. We hope you will keep trying.

Group reservations
A reservation request for 7 to 12 persons can be made by clicking on the below link or by sending an e-mail to  We handle all requests received as of 08.00h on the release date, not earlier. Group reservation requests for dates released during our closing days or in our holiday period will be handled upon our return.

Waiting list
Adding yourself to the waiting list is not a guarantee, but offers a chance when a table becomes available again. When this happens we will contact you ourselves. As we rely on cancellations, we cannot indicate if or when you will be contacted. When you don’t receive a message, changes have not occurred.

Please note: due to an event the restaurant is also exclusively booked on Friday evening 15 March 2019 and Thursday evening 11 April 2019.  This evening will therefore not be released.

The restaurant is closed as of Saturday evening 23 March until Monday 8 April 2019.

If you have any more questions, please go to our frequently asked questions.

For reservations up to 6 persons

For reservation for 7 or more persons

Upper Room Bar

You only can make a reservation up 2 weeks in advance. This reservation period shifts per day.
You can make a reservation up to 4 persons maximum.

The new available date will be released as of 08.00 a.m.

Please keep in mind that we are closed on Sundays, Mondays and our own holidays.

In the Foodbar we only serve lunch, not dinner.

If the requested date is no longer available, you can add yourself on the waiting list by choosing the date in the calendar and entering your details. When the waiting list is closed as well, a circle with “x” will appear.

The availability on the website is always accurate and is automatically updated. When fully booked, the date is actually fully booked.

Reservations outside the reservation term is not possible, exceptions will not be made!
Any requests for this will not be handled.

The Upper Room Bar is also exclusively booked on Tuesday afternoon 15 January, Friday afternoon 18 January, Friday afternoon 25 January and Saturday afternoon 13 April. These afternoons will therefore not be released.  

The restaurant is closed as of Sunday 23 December until Thursday 3 January 2019. 

Allergies and/or diet wishes
We can consider following allergies and/or diet wishes in the Upper Room Bar: meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and pregnancy. Other allergies/diet wishes we will not be able to handle in our dishes.

If you have any more questions, please go to our frequently asked questions.

For reservations up to 4 persons


Here, you can purchase a gift voucher for The Jane or the Upper Room Bar.

Please note that any reservation linked to a gift voucher should be made according to our booking terms, which you can find on The Jane website.
Also consider our three-month reservation term.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Order Giftcard

Request group reservation

Request a reservation for 7 or more persons.
Please note you can only request a reservation up to three months in advance for the restaurant and one month for the bar. This is a request form, you are not guaranteed of a final reservation. We will inform you as soon as possible.


Building the Dream






Building the Dream

‘The Jane started with a dream. A dream to create something that only existed in our fantasy.’

When we started dreaming in 2009 about a new adventure, we had a long list of ideas. The only thing we did not have was a location to project all these ideas on. What we did have was even more important: a network of people who could guide us in this new project. From financial to restoration, from interior design to lighting and from parquet floors to natural stone; we considered each detail endlessly and had many meetings discussed them with everyone. All these conversations were as different as the people we met. What connected us all was the realisation that The Jane was a special project. That is why we are so grateful to these people for their efforts to make The Jane become a fantastic reality.

Piet Boon ®

't Groen Kwartier



Lievens, Moens and BNP Paribas

VRV Architects, Jan van Rooy and Eric Verbeeck


Ruben Willaert




PVD Verlichting



Food is our religion

The latest products, the best equipment, the best ingredients and the most exiting wines. This is all due to the numerous producers, suppliers and manufacturers who are always looking for the best of the best.

Rudy Strubbe


Maes Inox




Paul Herman

Young Charly

Duvel Moortgat

Cheese master Van Tricht

Dercor and Jerome Dehours

Food is fashion

Fashion and Antwerp are inextricably linked. That is why we spent a lot of attention on the right clothing at The Jane. From hostesses to chefs, from barmen to washing up employees, everyone is dressed perfectly.

Les Hommes

Odette Lunettes

Chaud Devant

Food is design

Our love for aesthetics is shared with many talented designers. People who know that paying attention to detail is the only way to make a difference.

Michaël; Verheyden

Atelier Vierkant

Rough Studios



Piet Hein Eek

Cor Unum Ceramics

Jimmy Lee

The Alfred Collection en Verilin


Hans Grohe / Axor

Schott Zwiesel

Maarten Baas

RR Interior Concepts

Bod'or / Formani




Studio ID

Food is art

The fact that we work in an environment that impresses various artists is maybe our biggest break. That these artists wanted to contribute by making their work available or even making it especially for us, is something we never dreamed of. But it is true. And the beauty of it is that all the works of art in The Jane are independent, but also seem to form part of the whole.

Vanhaerents Art Collection

Mathieu Nab

Studio Job

Rahi Rezvani

Sofie Lachaert and Luc d'Hanis

Eric Kleinberg

PP de Meijer

Stanislas Lahaut

Arno Declercq

Food is music

Music drives us. It is our escape, our source of energy and gives us the right boost to start each day with fresh energy. A life without music is useless as far as we are concerned. A restaurant without the right beats is incomplete.

Resident DJ's


Bowers & Wilkins







The Jane is closed on Sundays and Mondays. You can reach us by phone on all other days, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Tel: 0032 3 808 44 65


Holidays / Closing Days

From Sunday 23 December 2018 until Thursday 3 January 2019

From Saturday evening 23 March 2019 until Monday 8 April 2019

From Saturday evening 23 June 2019 until Monday 15 July 2019

From Saturday evening 28 September 2019 until Monday 7 October 2019

From Sunday 22 December 2019 until Monday 6 January 2020


Christophe Wattel


Stay up to date with the latest news from The Jane.

* indicates required


Attention: because of road works in and around Antwerp the travel time to the restaurant may increase considerably.

For more


Paradeplein 1
2018 Antwerpen

Our address, Paradeplein 1, is a new address as ‘t Groen Kwartier and used to be a military site. This address is not yet recognised by all navigational systems. You will find our restaurant on the site of ‘t Groen Kwartier if you enter the following alternative address in your GPS navigation.

Address for GPS navigation

Corner of Boomgaardstraat / Marialei
2018 Antwerpen

Address Parking

Van Luppenstraat 44A (approximately 5 minutes walk from The Jane).

When you book a parking spot with your reservation, you will receive a parking voucher with the reconfirmation (two weeks in advance).
Please follow the instructions indicated.

If you did not book a parking spot, but are arriving by car, please note following.
Restaurant The Jane is situated in a car free zone, where the public parking policy is maintained. You are only allowed to park in the indicated (paid) parking spaces.

Due to construction work in front of The Jane, the parking possibilities are currently also very limited.
If your car is parked wrongly, you can receive a fine or your car can even be towed away.

For more information about booking a parking spot, you can contact us (telephone number: +32 (0)3 808 44 65).

Job vacancies


The Jane Antwerp combines gastronomy with typical Antwerp trades like fashion, design and art and is therefore portraying a international allure. We are offering our guest a total experience, where music ambiance and presentation are a defining part.

Meet The Jane Antwerp
In our restaurant, the guests are taken on a journey to the ultimate fine dining experience. With a divers team of professionals and driven students, we daily take on the challenge to deliver our guests an unforgettable experience.

We currently are looking for colleagues that are eager to learn, motivated and enthusiastic for the following positions:

Chef de partie:
As chef de partie you have a leading position within the kitchen and are part of a 22 membered team of chefs. When proving yourself in a positive way, there are various growth possibilities within the kitchen, knowing there are two different concepts which offer more aspects to work in and to learn from.


Internship kitchen:
During the internship of The Jane Antwerp, you will follow a training which will fully prepare you for your upcoming future in the restaurant sector. Being totally incorporated in the team, you will get the chance to gain lots of impressions in quite a short period. You will work with a wide range of products and a lot of different techniques and you will learn how to collaborate in a large team of driven chefs.


Chef de rang:
Did you already see and do a lot within the hospitality and are you looking for a new source of inspiration? At The Jane Antwerp, we offer the chance to share your experience and apply this to our own unique style of working. You have the possibility to work all-round as you get a wide range of different tasks and duties, but specializing yourself in a certain area in the restaurant is also an option. You will have the responsibility over your assigned section and together with your team members you are responsible for a smooth course of the service.

If you are interested in the position of chef de partie or chef de rang, but only available on a part-time base, we also invite you to respond.


Starters, students, part-timers & commis:
For job starters, students or part-timers who already have a close interest in hospitality, The Jane Antwerp also offers amazing opportunities, even if you have little or no experience. We offer a training plan within our team where you gain valuable experience and learn the task and duties under guidance. You will be part of a team and will be co-responsible for tasks like, mise-en-place, preparing the restaurant and serving our guests.

Internship Front of House:
Are you looking for a challenging, motivating and dynamic learn environment, do you want to experience working in the top of gastronomy? Think, The Jane Antwerp! We are offering a step by step guidance during your internship, to really show you all aspects of the Front of House. Within this plan we will provide a wide range of duties and have regularly feedback sessions to ensure the progress of your personal and professional development.


The job vacancies are available immediately, are you interested or wish to know more, just send an email, referring to the relevant job vacancy to
Please enter the following details:
Telephone number
and enclose your C.V.!

  • For the restaurant, you can make a reservation up to three months in advance. This reservation period shifts per day for exactly three months later. The new available date will be released online as of 08.00 a.m.
 For reservations up to six persons you can only book online, click here to do so.

    For the Upper Room Bar, you can make a reservation up to two weeks in advance and only for lunch. This reservation period shifts per day for exactly two weeks later. The new available date will be released online as of 08.00 a.m.
 For reservations up to four persons you can only book online, click here to do so.

    The availability online is always accurate and real-time.

  • You can make a reservation up to three months in advance. This reservation period shifts per day for exactly three months later. You can send a reservation request for 7 up to 12 persons, by filling out this form. We are not able to handle any reservations as of 13 persons in the restaurant.

    For a lunch in the Upper Room Bar you can make a reservation up to 4 persons maximum.

  • The reservation term for the restaurant is three months and for the Upper Room Bar 2 weeks. The bookable dates are indicated on the calendar at the booking website.

    Exceptions will NOT be made, any requests outside the reservation term will therefore not be handled.

    Click here to go to the reservations site.

  • From the homepage, go to Reservations.  You will be forwarded to the Reservation site. Select what it is you want to book and the calendar overview will appear with the availability. When a date is possible to book you click on it after which you can fill out the reservation form. Please note your reservation is only confirmed when you filled out the complete form and you have also received a confirmation by email with a reservation number. Follow the instructions as mentioned in the confirmation email.

    As a guarantee of your reservation, we kindly ask an authorization of 150 EUR per person for the restaurant and of 50 EUR per person for the Upper Room Bar on your credit card. We will ask your credit card details via a reconfirmation email. This amount will be ‘frozen’ on your credit card, after your visit to our restaurant this amount will be released.

    A confirmation mail will also be sent when you register yourself on the waiting list.

    Click here to go to the reservations site.

  • The amount of requests is so overwhelming that we are fully booked within minutes. The amount of visitors on the website is especially very high when a weekend evening is released. Still, every day gets fully booked by online reservations. We therefore advise you to keep trying.

    When a date is fully booked, but you see a circle with “an hourglass” it is possible to add yourself to the waiting list. If a table becomes available for you we will contact you ourselves.

  • On the calendar you will see following circles:

    – a blue circle: please note your reservation is only confirmed when you filled out the complete form and you have also received a confirmation by email with a reservation number.

    – circle with” hourglass”: the date is fully booked but you still can add yourself to the waiting list.

    – circle with “x”: the date is fully booked and waiting list is closed due to the high amount of registrations or the restaurant is exclusively reserved for an event.

    – circle with “i”: you cannot book more than 3 months in advance or the restaurant is closed due to holiday.

    Click here to go to the reservations site.

  • The high amount of visitors on the website at 08.00h , especially for weekend evenings is overwhelming. This causes a lot of people doing the same actions at the same time. That’s why the availability is checked several times during the process and then it could be that the restaurant is fully booked already. Then it is only possible to register yourself on the waiting list.

  • When the date is indicated as a circle with “hourglass”, you have the possibility to register yourself on the waiting list.

    Adding yourself to the waiting list is optional but not a guarantee. It offers a chance when a table becomes available again. When this happens we will contact you ourselves. As we rely on cancellations, we cannot indicate if or when you will be contacted. When you don’t receive a message, changes have not occurred.

    It is possible and allowed to register for more than one date.

    Click here to go to the reservations site.

  • If you do not receive a confirmation of your reservation within 10 minutes, please check your SPAM. Your provider might select automatic sent emails to be sent to the SPAM. When the confirmation is also not found here, please contact us by phone: +32 (03) 808 44 65.

  • Do you have a question concerning your reservation, please click here. Please note, you will need your reservation number, which you can find on your confirmation. When you don’t have this anymore, do contact us by phone with your question. You can reach us from Tuesday until Saturday from 09.00 until 17.00h: +32 (0)3 808 44 65.

  • The Jane handles a gastronomic kitchen with influences from Zeeland, Asia and the Mediterranean. Our signature is the use of citrus, vegetables and seasonal fresh products.

    In the restaurant you can choose between two menu’s.

  • The lunch menu is not served anymore in the restaurant. At the moment we serve for lunch and dinner an 11 dish menu.

  • For an overview of the menu choices and prices in the restaurant, please click here.

    For an overview of the menu choices and prices in the Upper Room Bar, please click here.

  • Al our dishes consists of a large amount of small details and ingredients. Every single one of them is a part of the ultimate and correct experience of the dish.

    We can consider following allergies and/or diet wishes in the restaurant: meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, gluten, lactose, pregnancy and allergies for some ingredients.Other more profound allergies/diet wishes we will not be able to handle in our dishes.

    We can consider following allergies and/or diet wishes in the Upper Room Bar: meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and pregnancy.  Other allergies/diet wishes we will not be able to handle in our dishes.

    When in doubt whether we are able to serve you, do contact us by phone. You can reach us from Tuesday until Saturday from 09.00 until 17.00h: +32 (0)3 808 44 65.

  • The restaurant has an elevator and is therefore accessible for wheelchairs. Do inform us in advance when arriving with a wheelchair for us to assign a suitable table.

    Due to the height of the bar kitchen, the bar is less suitable for wheelchairs.

  • In the restaurant small dogs (up to 5 kilo) are allowed.

    Do inform us in advance of the presence of a small dog, for us to assign a suitable table.

    In the bar dogs are not allowed.

  • We do have a parking garage at approximately 5 minutes walk from the restaurant.

    For more information, please click here.

  • Here you can purchase a digital gift voucher for The Jane or the Upper Room Bar.

    Please note that any reservation linked to a gift voucher should be made according to our booking terms, which you can find on The Jane website. Also consider our three-month reservation term.

    Vouchers are only available online, they are not for sale in the restaurant. Please note we do not accept the Resengo voucher.

  • Through our FAQ we try to answer the most common questions. Are you not able to find your question, do contact us by phone. You can reach us from Tuesday until Saturday from 09.00 – 17.00h: +32 (0)3 808 44 65.

* Required

Piet Boon ®

Piet Boon ®, what a company, what expertise and what a love for aesthetics. Choosing to work with Piet Boon ® on this project was a choice of trust. We wanted a high-end, modern restaurant with international allure where the focus lies on the experience. Piet Boon ® took our wishes and ideas on board and together we took three years to see where the possibilities were. The result: “fine dining meets rock ‘n roll”: The Jane.

‘t Groen Kwartier

‘t Groen Kwartier is a redeveloped former Military Hospital in Antwerp which has been turned into a thriving new part of the city with a unique vision: “LIVING ON THE INSIDE OUT”.

In this new green oasis 404 housing units will be built with a balanced mix of trendy lofts in historical buildings, new build apartments and comfortable family homes with a garden. These are the different forms of living that will feel right at home in ‘t Groen Kwartier. This diversity will result in a varied mix of residents, including senior citizens, young couples, and families with children, people with a double income and singles.

This green oasis was created by the Parisian landscape artist Michel Desvigne. More than 350 trees will create a green environment nearby in the park zone and the various garden rooms.

A number of urban functions, such as shops, office space and ateliers, have also been incorporated.

‘t Groen Kwartier is a green oasis in the 19th century belt of Antwerp. It is a quiet area between the thriving city districts Zurenborg and Haringrode, well known of the Dageraadplaats and de Cogels Osylei. ‘t Groen Kwartier is easily accessible from the north via the Antwerp ring road. It is also easy to reach this area by public transport, Berchem station is nearby for national connections and Central Station offers international transport links.


One of the partners who have been most involved is Vanhaerents, along with Matexi the developer of ‘t Groen Kwartier. Anyone who has taken a look at the site of ‘t Groen Kwartier, can see that this developer is different in that they focus on high-quality housing projects.

Vanhaerents represents stylish living in top locations and trend setting architecture with a great look and feel, whereby they always show their passion for art.

It became clear during our many meetings that we share an ability to think ‘out of the box’ and that they too are inspired by the synergy between man, history, architecture, art and the environment. That is why their slogan is ‘Architecture is an art and we make it happen’!

What we want to convey to our guests, Vanhaerents conveys through its buildings and outside areas.

But there are more similarities, we share our attention to the finish and detail in an energy conserving way and will both do our utmost to retain the harmony in our environment.

We are happy to be able to do our work on this historically special and culturally unique heritage of the exiting city of Antwerp and Vanhaerents made it happen!


Matexi and Vanhaertents, the building firm responsible for the restoration of this beautiful part of Berchem with the city of Antwerp, with The Jane at the centre.

In the past few years, all the parties involved got to know each other and all worked to turn the former military area into the most beautiful part of Antwerp. It is a place where children can grow up or to enjoy the peace and quiet and space in the middle of the thriving city of Antwerp.

The sales office at the entrance of the site is ready to provide with you with information on the history of the site and on living in a peaceful oasis!

Lievens, Moens en BNP Paribas

A professional dream such as The Jane starts with a sound financial plan, which we had drawn up on the advice of Edwin Moens. We have known Edwin Moens for many years as a contact at Schipper Accountants and in Belgium Ludo Lievens assisted us in our first adventure abroad. BNP Paribas has provided us with the structure and the means to be able to meet our responsibilities towards our employees. They all created a solid and financially sound basis for us to be creative in a healthy way!

VRV Architects, Jan van Rooy and Eric Verbeeck

We engaged the services of the Antwerp architects Jan van Rooy to assist us during the build.

Jan van Rooy and Eric Verbeeck have assisted us throughout the whole process, from preserving the monument to the final delivery, and we had endless meetings at their offices, where the coffee was always fresh and the butter cake very tasty! We sometimes had heated discussions, where we got to learn these warm people as being professional, straight and to the point… and we shared many laughs too!


The companies FMPPlus and AGC represent the steel and glass, respectively, incorporated in The Jane. Those who have visited The Jane cannot deny that they are one of the defining aspects of the architecture of our restaurant, but also of the experience and the atmosphere!

From the doors in the entrance to the atelier where the kitchen is on show, from the impressive windows in the restaurant to the discrete Private Dining. Everywhere you look, you see the wonderful work of these two companies. They applied their craftsmanship, experience and knowledge and gave themselves a reference project that is unique in its kind and we are convinced they feel the same way!

Ruben Willaert

One thing we were all agreed on when entering the chapel for the very first time and saw the pigeons flying through the broken windows, is that we wanted to preserve the worn state of the ceiling, no matter what! This must be the best choice we ever made!

Ruben Willaert was the company who has been able to realise our absolute wish. Their love for their profession meant that they painstakingly stopped the hands of time, by fixating the ceiling centimetre for centimetre, and did repairs where necessary.

Normally this company would do everything in its power to restore everything to its original glory, but they respected our wish and provided what we asked for.

Everyone entering the chapel is in awe of the ceilings. We feel the ceiling is the most beautiful part of the whole chapel and we are thankful of Ruben Willaert, that they were able to retain that for us and our guests!


If you take the elevator to the Upper Room Bar and come face to face with the large and impressive ware, you must know that the extremely exclusive Café au Lait marble type has been supplied by the company Hullebusch from the West-Flemish village Ardooie.

This stone type is very impressive, whoever comes near the bar cannot resist touching it. The warm brown and black colours and capricious structure acts as a magnet to everyone who knows how to value such a unique high-quality natural product!


I cannot count the times we were warned of the acoustics in the chapel, as if we hadn’t thought of that ourselves! Via our friends of Bowers&Wilkins, who did not want to work with anyone else, we found Mutrox. These two inspired craftsmen have shown us a new world and were able to convey this to us in a normal language.

Their down to earth Rotterdam attitude, which is hidden in the walls of the chapel, makes everyone marvel at the warm sounds and the enjoyable buzz of a restaurant without being too obtrusive!

Their work is one of the main elements in the total concept experienced by our guests, invisible, but so important!


Nijboer Interior and Design is responsible for the construction of the interior. Never did we work with a company that incorporated such a lot of expertise. The owner René has a wonderful personality and Jos who prepares the work for the men who have finished everything made to measure. The work was performed very precisely, from the leather couches to the oak wooden cabinets and plateaus; it was never too much to ask. Things were changed and amended until the latest moment and there was always someone on hand to deal with our many wishes and questions. This is three star quality in interior building.

PVD Verlichting

Patrik van Daele of PVD lighting has lighted our beautiful chapel. The lighted cross on the roof looks super cool and can be seen from afar. We decided to give the outside façade a more austere lighting, without looking for the boundaries. The roof of the side towers, however, has been given a more modern lighting. When the dusk sets in the chapel glows into the night in order to finally shine in a subtle and tasteful way.

Patrik’s 28 years of experience means that our wishes with regard to outside lighting have come true, thereby respecting the neighbourhood and its residents. It is also good to get to know new people in Antwerp and PVD Lighting has proven itself with its excellent service. Nothing will stop our guests from finding their way to The Jane, a beacon of light in the heart of ‘t Groen Kwartier, thanks to PVD Lighting!


In addition to the impressive ceiling, the fantastic chandelier of .PSLAB is a real eye catcher! This impressive chandelier is 12 by 9 metres and a work of art in itself, and a defining part of the identity of the restaurant. We have almost forgotten that the delivery of the lamp was delayed, which caused us to miss our proposed opening date.

It is suspended from one point in the ceiling, the 800 kilos weighing contraption reaches to 2.75 metres above the ground at its lowest point. The impressive chandelier then directs itself toward the ceiling, in order to fill the whole room with 150 lights. .PSLAB explicitly chose this human size, to give our guests a comfortable feeling in the restaurant. The weight and the cultural value of the historical chapel mean that the role played by VRV Architects must not be underestimated. Jan van Rooy and Eric Verbeeck have taken the responsibility for the invisible solution in order to direct the full attention to the mighty lustre.

The history of the Sergio Herman group and .PSLAB started when we were setting up Pure-C in 2010. We took the initiative at the time to come into contact with this great company from Beirut and lay the foundation for our collaboration. We had already decided there and then that .PSLAB would design the light plan of The Jane.

.PSLAB has a head office in Beirut, ateliers in Stuttgart, Bologna, Helsinki and Singapore and is a design house who manufactures everything themselves for each project. The feeling they put in it is always based on the senses. Upon our request, the Piet Boon ® studio and .PSLAB have been able to join the artisan feeling of the historical chapel with a modern, cosmopolitan underground feeling. They have both succeeded perfectly and even exceeded our expectations!


We went to great lengths in order to create different atmospheres; even though not everyone picks up on it. By which we mean that we sometimes choose inconspicuous designs in order to make something else shine.

We have chosen Modular to light the private areas in the catacombs of The Jane.

The long dark hall leads to a private meeting room where the only light present is a beautiful Mini Naked that leads you to a neon work of art of the Vanhaertens collection. For our office we chose a functional light, 2Flat, and in the private meeting room the Mini Naked was used. The assignment was not to have too obvious lighting, by which we tried to achieve a serene and mystical atmosphere. The timeless and classic Mini Naked is perfect.
In the spaces where our employees dress, we have the extremely cool United fittings; we felt the choice for the design was very important for these areas. We could have opted for simple TL lighting or a few LED strips, and nobody would have questioned it. But conveying our philosophy is important in all aspects of our company, to allow the employees to feel each detail.

The Jane is more than just a beautiful setting, the professionalism we demand of our employees is something we wanted to integrate in every aspect of our interior. From the Upper Room Bar to the restaurant as well as backstage, we have thought about everything, which is exactly the message we wish to convey, if you do something, do it well!

That is why we want to thank Modular for their professional advice and for helping us convey our message!

Rudy Strubbe

Rudy Strubbe is the man who has been installing our fridges, freezers and air-conditioning for many days, nights and years. Rudy Strubbe worked with us in Sluis and Cadzand and we asked if he could help us in Antwerp. Luckily he could help us out, applying his West-Flemish constructive and capable method of working in the kitchen, bar and wine cabinet in Antwerp too!


Josper, this Spanish beast is an oven and grill in one.

It is easy to create a full concept around a Josper, it is amazing how much you can do with it, and how little energy it uses. Grilling at high temperatures with charcoal creates a super taste and wonderful structure, and we are not exposed to the heat of the coals as the doors are closed. The taste level is incomparable with any other oven!


Josper, dit Spaanse beest is een oven en een grill in één.

Het is makkelijk om een volledig concept rond een Josper oven te verzinnen, wat je er allemaal mee kan doen en hoe weinig het maar verbruikt is verbazingwekkend! Roosteren en grillen op een hoge temperatuur zorgt samen met het houtskool voor een supersmaak en een schitterende structuur en door de gesloten deuren worden we niet constant blootgesteld aan de hitte van de kolen. Het niveau van smaak kun je met geen andere oven bereiken!

Maes Inox

Maes Inox, keukenbouwers van internationaal niveau, hebben met de realisatie van drie keukens alweer een knap staaltje vakmanschap afgeleverd! In het restaurant een powerkeuken achter ramen van glas en staal, op de plaats waar vroeger het altaar stond. In de Upper Room Bar een nog nooit geziene getatoeëerde kachel en in de kelder een immense voorbereidingskeuken. Alles volledig op maat gemaakt met de beste materialen en enorm veel vernuft, geleverd op tijd met de allerbeste service. Met de Ben Martin inductiekachel hopen we snel weer voor hete vuren te staan! Herman, bedankt voor je kwaliteit!


We have been familiar with Rational’s quality for many years, we were therefore in no doubt on the combi-steamers and the vcc (a tipping frying pan, kettle and fryer in one). These are indispensable for a modern restaurant, sturdy and therefore perfect for us!


Probably the most important chain in our restaurant is the dishwashing, because if things go wrong here, it affects the whole operation. In our years of experience we know that you cannot economise on a dish washer, a good quality dish washer is an absolute necessity. That is why we opted for Winterhalter. This reliable German brand which we started our careers with has never stopped innovating, which is why they will always retain their number one position.

Paul Herman

Paul Herman takes a special and prominent place for us, this self-made man from Zeeland Flanders has bags of experience.

His bravura is unrivalled as is his knowledge of wine. Herman Wines has been supplying the best wines to the greatest restaurants on earth for years, and his name is on the agendas of the greatest lovers of wine in the world. He saves air miles from his trips to all the corners of the world and he has really seen it all. Paul Herman has been supplying top notch wine to Oud Sluis from the centre of the world for more than 30 years and we hope that he will continue to do so for another 30 years for The Jane!

Young Charly

We wanted to work in a friendly manner in Antwerp, just as we were used to doing in Sluis. We realised later, that we already had friends here! The people of Young Charly have followed and supported our new project from day one and have provided their advice. Young Charly has an enormous selection of gorgeous wines, with a strong preference for French top wines. We recognise quality, but also recognise passionate entrepreneurs, and if you have something in common, you can really enjoy working together.

Duvel Moortgat

We very much wanted to work with De Konick, the old city brewer of Antwerp. The brewery is a stone’s throw away from The Jane. Duvel Moortgat has taken over this brand and has given the quality of the beer and the brand a positive impulse. They have been able to appeal to a wider audience, and this is due to the proud people working for this company. We serve exclusive cellar beers in The Jane and the Upper Room Bar that are normally marketed due to their limited quantity. We owe this exclusive cooperation to the great people of Duvel Moortgat, who also helped design our beer mug. This tin mug was tested for its taste and we are unanimous that a Vedett tastes better in our beer mug.

Cheese master Van Tricht

Cheese master Van Tricht is widely known in Antwerp and Belgium. We have been working with them for many years and we decided to turn it around, instead of them delivering to Sluis, we came to the city! The cheese master and his son Frederic have opened a cheese shop in the former bottling plant of De Koninck brewery and we are practically neighbours!

What can we say about the quality of the cheeses? The cheeses speak for themselves. These cheeses are purchased directly from the manufacturers throughout Europe. Our guests can rest assured that the moment we serve Van Tricht’s cheeses, that they are perfectly ripe. You can actually take a look in their tasting room with a group of up to 15 persons. We regularly take our employees to them for a master class of father and son!

Dercor and Jerome Dehours

The company Dercor has been a stable partner of ours for many years for the house champagne. We have been serving the Jerome Dehours champagne to the great satisfaction of our guests and we even have our own champagne for each restaurant.

For the house champagne for The Jane, we opted for an assembly of old grape vines (vieilles vignes) of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. We wish to express our thanks to our champagne creator Jerome Dehours and Luc Derumeaux of the company Dercor for creating another beautiful champagne!

Les Hommes

Created by Belgian fashion designers Tom Notte and Bart Vandenbosch, Les is now one of the most celebrated modern menswear brands.

The special uniforms designed on purpose for the restaurant are inspired by the brand’s iconic must-have pieces: graphic sweatshirts, black jogging style pants, white shirts and eye-catching sneakers. On this special occasion les Hommes even designed elegant yet bold dresses finished with golden sneakers.

The cooperation between Les Hommes and The Jane reinforces and completes two realities and gives a positive boost to the fashionable image of the restaurant.

Odette Lunettes

Innovation needs a vision and that is exactly what both The Jane and Odette Lunettes stand for. With the release of Odettes’ new collections ALLURE and VOYEUR, it was a golden opportunity to set in motion an interesting collaboration.

Every pair of specs is carefully designed and assembled with great refinement and high end materials: the finest stainless steel, the highest quality acetate and the clearest lenses that all guarantee a unique view and a timeless fashionable look. As our front of house team does its utmost to give all of our guests an unforgettable (culinary) experience, only the best is good enough for them too. The daredevils of our service team wear frames with coloured lenses, which refer to the glass stained windows of our restaurant, designed by Studio Job.

As our captain’s name is no other than Nick Bril, the latter meaning glasses in Dutch, one can argue whether this is just a coincidence or a collab destined to be. To us, it’s definitely the icing to the cake.

Chaud Devant

The Jane is an intense business with 20 chefs from around the world. This makes chefwear quite a complicated issue. It has always been a mish-mash. We always had blue aprons alongside black aprons alongside grey aprons. Together
with Chaud Devant, we have now created a uniform look for the first time. We have an attractive logo on the back, our own jacket, nice sneakers and fitted trousers. The chef jacket was designed especially for us. It has a serene look and feel to it, with a simple, Japanese-inspired design. A more modern and sleek look that expresses that we are a tight-knit team.

Michaël Verheyden

And then the designer Michaël Verheyden, what a designer and what a great guy! His talent has not gone unnoticed by the best current design magazines, national as well as international. After years of hard work, he is finally recognised and his designs are sold worldwide to the best shops from New York to Tokyo and from Shanghai to Copenhagen.

He not only designs and makes the table accessories in a great variety of materials such as leather, bronze, wood and marble, this multi-talented man is also one of the best handbag designers at the moment. For The Jane, Michaël made leather baskets in different sizes and looks, as well as candlesticks and vases. His Limburg modesty prevents him from saying it, but we will: we consider him one of the great Belgian designers, along with Willy Van Der Meeren, Jules Wabbes and Maarten Van Severen. We have agreed to continue working together for a very long time, because this project gave us a taste of things to come.

Atelier Vierkant

Two enormous pots of Atelier Vierkant, which are positioned in perfect symmetry in front of the chapel, were made in the West Flemish village of Beernem. We have known each other’s work for many years and are loyal towards each other. Dries, Ward and Bert Janssens have now taken over the company from their parents, who still work in the company. Their enthusiasm and ambition drives the brand to international heights.

We both believe in long-term relationships based on trust, friendship and quality, which is why our paths cross regularly. On the terrace of Pure-C we have nine large handmade design pots from this family business, high slim vases made of clay used to adorn the front door of Oud Sluis and we have again chosen this internationally operating company for the side terraces of The Jane.

Atelier Vierkant only works with designers and architects who incorporate the wonderful pots and furniture in their first design plans and design proposals. They have now opened a sales office annex showroom in San Francisco to attend to the demand of the North-American customers. Flanders should be proud of the fact that these good people stick to the philosophy that their great quality can only be guaranteed if the family can supervise the handmade production. The first impression of The Jane starts with Atelier Vierkant!

Rough Studios

We have our own cushions! In The Jane, we have the most gorgeous cushions from one of the most faithful and best guests of restaurant Oud Sluis. Over the course of the years Iris and Robert have become great friends, they are wonderful people without pretences and always in a good mood.

We are extremely happy with the cushions from Rough Studios, and so proud that these exclusive designs will be sold under the name The Jane! But what we enjoy more is that we have been able to have Iris, the owner of Rough Studios, meet with the stylists of Piet Boon ®. The willingness of Iris and the trust of the Piet Boon ® Studio is how our ‘own’ cushions were designed. You can see them in The Jane and order them on


In the toilets we wanted to have the quality of Geberit. A smart design that is fully incorporated in the serenity of the toilet areas, without being too obvious. We have made a combination of simple toilet systems and the state of the art toilet concept, AquaClean ®. Try the true feeling of wellness by a simple push on the button, and have a special experience in this location in The Jane.


More than once we were allowed to take a look at various porcelain artists and plate manufacturers. That is how, in the spring of 2013, and via Lieven of NKZ we came to visit Jars in the French Anneyron, located between Valence and Lyon.

Jars is a company that is more than 100 years old. This means they have more than a century’s worth of knowledge and expertise of the baking and glazing of ceramics, secrets that are transferred from generation to generation.

We seldom experience such a warm welcome as we received there. One of the three owners, Patrice, took us under his wing for the day. From coffee, to a tour and a wine tasting to the local specialist Andouillette, everything was explained to us with great pride and enthusiasm. After we had seen various models of plates in the warehouse, we discussed and decided on a new finish with the glazing specialist of the laboratory. We have chosen a beautiful, mineral and simple finish, which allows for a great quantity of creativity on the plate.

Besides a number of unique and special plates we have chosen to work with the coffee service as well. This service has been chosen by baristas and is valued by our customers, which is why we have decided to also use this service in Pure-C. We feel that our quality fully compliments the French craftsmanship of Jars.

Piet Hein Eek

Anyone who talks to our friend Piet Hein is inspired automatically. That is why our busy schedules prevent us from seeing as much of each other as we would like. Still, we keep track of each other. In Eindhoven, he has created a world that is so overwhelming that everyone who loves design should visit it: on 10,000 square metres you not only see his enormous collection, but you can also eat in his restaurant. For The Jane, Piet made two mirrors of harvested wood: a large one for the disabled toilet and a small one for the toilet of our private meeting room. And the famous stool of varnished harvested wood? We move it around a lot, as it looks great everywhere we put it.

Jimmy Lee

We would hereby also like to put our graphic partner, Jimmy Lee, in the spotlight. We have been hiding her in a beautiful box for years, hidden from the world. The time has come to honour her, because we owe a lot to Jimmy; the house style, the sensitivity and the amazement. We have pushed and challenged her, always with the best results in mind. What she did for Oud Sluis and Pure-C, she did for The Jane, deadline after deadline, and we respect her greatly for that! A big kiss and a big hug from us. Thank you Jimmy Lee!

The Alfred Collection and Verilin

Marie Mees & Cathérine Biasino of the top label, The Alfred Collection, have designed the table linen for The Jane. The design of this soft, natural, tangible but ever so strong linen was inspired on the chessboard pattern of the original floor in the chapel. Besides the table linen, we also use Alfred Collection napkins in The Jane and Upper Room Bar, truly wonderful napkins!

The Alfred Collection, 2011 winner of the Wallpaper Magazine Design Awards, is known to true lovers of interior accessories, professional interior architects and stylists for the project market. This brand is mainly about the detail in the work, not the superficial details promoted by other linen manufacturers. Besides this deeper layer of finesse and quality, it was also the passionate love of Marie and Cathérine for their product that appealed to us.

This quality linen is woven by the Verilin company, a family business that is proud to bear the ‘Belgian Linen’ and ‘Masters of Linen’ trademarks. These quality labels represent a high quality with natural and organic fibres that were 100% woven in Belgium.

We feel that the superiority of this linen came from the passion of real people who believe in what they do and deliver what they promise. The energy of these passionate people can be felt in each fibre of these top quality Flemish products, from the designers Marie and Cathérine through to the realisation by Verilin.

The tension of The Alfred Collection can also be felt in the transparency of the curtains that close off the private meeting room from inquisitive eyes, but provide sufficient transparency to tickle one’s fantasy.


One of the partners in our interior is the company Indivipro. The exclusive fabric for our acoustic panels against the side walls of the chapel were created by this firm. Recommended by Piet Boon ®, we have again found a partner who has a reputation and deserves praise and fame!

We have been able to achieve the excellent acoustics with the company Mutrox, who have installed the necessary receptors in all the areas. In order to achieve the Piet Boon ® finish, we were happy to call in the quality of Indivipro.

Our music sounds a lot better due to these two companies and our guests get the right vibe directly upon entering The Jane. The chapel was our greatest challenge, and we are happy to be able to bring it all together.

Hans Grohe / Axor

In The Jane we have used taps talies S and Axor Uno 2 of Axor. The taps are a unique brushed black chrome colour; we were the first to use them in Belgium! Piet Boon ® has been able to perfectly integrate these taps in our plans, allowing us to differentiate ourselves in this way as well. The relation we have with the CEO of Hansgrohe, Mr. Philippe Harinck, goes back a couple of years. Philippe had dinner with us in Oud Sluis in honour of his birthday and noticed that all the taps were of his brand. After the dinner, he sent us an email to thank us for the experience and said that we could always contact him if we wanted to do something with him in future. A man is always true to his word. Since then, we know Philippe Harinck as being a man of his word and therefore being every inch a gentleman!

Schott Zwiesel

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner! The wines that are served in the restaurant are the gorgeous and prize-winning new Wine Classics series of Zwiesel 1872.

In the many conversations we had preceding the concept of The Jane, we decided that we wanted to honour the wine in the restaurant in various ways.

The cellar of the chapel in our wine cellar is clearly visible for the guests and we had a wine installation made in the centre of the restaurants interior. This provides the sommelier with all the comfort of tailor made fridges and drawers, discretely and tastefully integrated in the interior.

Together with Schott Zwiesel we decided to go for the exclusive Wine Classics series. We found these elegant and still sturdy glasses at the trade fair in Frankfurt and we felt they have the ‘Jane feeling’, but they were not available in Belgium yet. The importer and manufacturer’s efforts and the opening of The Jane being postponed by two months, made it possible for us to be the first to have these glasses on our tables. It became clear that we made an excellent choice with these handmade crystal glasses six months after we placed our order.

The Wine Classics series was awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design award, which, on the basis of the jury report, ‘combines the lightness and charm of the lines with artistic craftsmanship to a full functionality: the special and enjoyable experience’.

We couldn’t agree more!

Maarten Baas

Ever since his furniture collection Smoke, all eyes of the international art world are focused on designer Maarten Baas. For these series he burnt furniture, after which he coated them, thereby making them suitable for use again. His series Clay is a true gem; in this series he applies synthetic clay onto metal ‘skeletons’. This has resulted in organic, unique and almost rudimentary furniture. That is why we are extremely honoured to be able to present the table lamp, the chair and the stool from this series in The Jane. Not only because we are very impressed by the beauty, but mainly because their capricious shapes are a perfect match for the mystical atmosphere in our cellar.

RR Interior Concepts (Fredericia / Flexform)

If you talk about Oud Sluis, Pure-C and The Jane, then you talk about RR Interior Concepts! From chairs, stool, carpet, to sound board, advice and service. When we have an idea about a new interior, we immediately hop into the car and drive to Knokke to meet. The coffee is always ready, the welcome is always warm and the meeting to the point!

Rik Ruebens and his wife Sylvie are the heart and soul of RR Interior Concepts and they have brought together a team of specialists and trained them. The professionalism of this company exceeds Belgium’s borders by far. The locals in Knokke say that the Natiënlaan has been specially made for interior lovers from everywhere who want to visit this wonderful business for personal advice, styling and furniture of one of the countless brands RR represents, and we believe them!

We chose a number of different seating variations for The Jane. We chose the Dining Chair of the Danish traditional quality brand Fredicia from the black Spine collection and the Barstool for the Upper Room Bar which the brand shortened for us to a half high seat.

We wanted to have a lower seating area in the middle area of The Jane for a low dining experience. We thought this was luxurious, exciting and sexy and Rik convinced us to use the Feel Good of the Italian Flexform, a big, rotating jade green chair, designed by the master Antonio Citterio.

Opposite the tailor made couches are the Spine Dining Chairs, sleek and guiding you to the walkway to the altar where we cook. Don’t be fooled by the simple lines of the Spine Chairs, as these are made of 100 years of craftsmanship, by a company that does not compromise on quality. In order to indicate the exceptional quality of this project, we can tell you that one single visit of the management of Fredericia to RR Interior Concepts in Knokke, resulted in Fredericia giving RR Interior Concepts the exclusive license for the distribution of their furniture.

Bod’or / Formani

The beautiful doors in the ladies and gentlemen’s toilets and the private areas in the cellar are made by Bod’or, a Dutch brand with international allure. The high doors and the seemingly simple details are characteristic of the Piet Boon ® style. But anybody who knows about interiors, knows how hard less is. The details are incorporated in the high level of finish, the materials and the craftsmanship involved in the work.

The hinges and locks are made by Formani, as modest as the company is about its own product, so great is the first impression! The only goal of Formani is to provide a small, but real contribution to exclusive and high-quality interior concepts all over the world.

For the time we have known Piet Boon ®, we also know the partners with whom Piet works. Bod’or and Formani are in this case, the partners who also contributed to the strength and quality that the Piet Boon ® style stands for and defines it.


Serax has been invaluable to us during the opening of The Jane.

Not only did they provide us with the dinner service of Piet Boon ®, but they also did everything in their power to provide us with the plates of one of the greatest Belgian designers.

During a tour through the archives of the impressive head office in Kontich, we all fell totally in love with the collection of plates/dishes of Jules Wabbes. We just did not believe that nobody had discovered the endless potential of these gorgeous plates yet! The inspiration came automatically when we took these heavy plates in our hands; we immediately imagined a number of dishes and when you feel that, you know you have a winner.

We were extremely enthusiastic about our find and that did not go unnoticed. Everyone at Serax immediately did everything in their power to be able to deliver our order before the opening, and they succeeded, for which we are very grateful!

Besides the Wabbes plates and the diverse Base collection of Piet Boon ® for Serax, which offers endless combination options, our wine coolers in the bar were also made by this top-quality Belgian brand. During our visit to their HQ we saw even more things we have plans for!

We have gotten to know each other better during the setting up of The Jane. On the basis of respect and friendship, we decided to share more projects together in future. Because what’s better than working with professional partners you feel a kinship with; this will surely be continued!


NKZ, the Kortrijkse Zilver Centrale, of Lieven Verdonck has been supplying us with dinner services for many years. Lieven, whom is jokingly referred to by Jonnie Boer as the ‘plate pimp’ has been supplying us with dinner services for years, on which we can show what we can do.

As we value the presentation of our dishes, as much as originality, we have been travelling to international trade fairs a lot in recent years. We try to find something to suit our style and more often than not Lieven will contact the supplier.

We are now known for the exchanging of our plates and are followed by many. That is why we have decided to go for exclusive collaborations with manufacturers in order to distinguish ourselves with our presentations.

The positive reactions of our guests always provide us with the energy to keep searching and NKZ is one of our partners who help us do that!


Levro Parquet is another company we have been working with for many years. Levro laid and maintained the floors in Oud Sluis and Pure-C and we are very happy with their work.

We are proud that this strong Zeeland Flemish company choose us, as we chose Levro. They have laid the best floor we could want in the Upper Room Bar, a black herringbone pattern, which we thoroughly enjoy! Robert, thank you!

Studio ID

To us, Studio ID represents unlimited creativity and endless possibilities. Michiel and his peers in the workshop know no limit, form the silicon moulds we use in the kitchen and with which we have been surprising our guests for years, to the high end signalisation signs in The Jane.

Studio ID has played an important role in the constant search to renewal and improvement, and we have a number of new projects that will see the light soon after our joint approval. Their curiosity in the area of technique, production and materials is something we benefit from.

Our reasoning is therefore, if it does not exist, Studio ID can make it happen; and they have never let us down!

Cor Unum Ceramics

Clay transforms to excellent design:
Industrial, but also tender and vulnerable. The Reglaze dinnerware collection where designer Charlotte Landsheer brought together clay and glass, results in dinnerware in different shades of gray.
Wafer-thin, modern design.
In their never ending search for innovation and durability in processes and products, with the Reglaze collection, Cor Unum presents a very innovatie series in The Jane and the Upper Room Bar with Sergio as their ambassador and ‘friend of the brand’.

Vanhaerents Art Collection

The Jane is happy and proud to work together with de Vanhaerents Art Collection. It is an honour and gift of God for us to be able to present some top pieces of the world famous and impressive collection to our guests. We have the Ring Jesus Inside and Ring Jesus Outside of Wim Delvoye. We believe in this collaboration with Vanhaerents Art Collection; the sole purpose being sharing art.

Mathieu Nab

Anyone who enters the stairs of The Jane and walks though the chapel doors, immediately sees Mathieu Nab furniture. This reception furniture weighs 500 kilos and is the first impression of The Jane. We immediately felt butterflies in our bellies and hope that our guests feel the same way. Everyone appreciates the beauty of this furniture that invokes ancient feeling that also reveals a deeper, delicate sensitivity. This item is typical of this Dutch artist, who works with wood, marble and other stone types. Besides artistic sculptures, Mathieu also works exclusively for Christian Liagre, the greatest and best interior designer in France at the moment. We are extremely happy that Mathieu fell in love with our project and promise that we will honour and take care of this work of art of nature.

Studio Job

Studio Job is famous around the world. This individual pair has won the best art and design prizes since 2000, and their work can be seen in the greatest museums in the world.

Job Smeets was the one who suggested to Mr. Water Vanhaerents to start a restaurant in the former chapel of the military site in Berchem. As Job did not see anyone else, we got together after a text and the rest is history. We have shared many years of friendship and a professional relationship, which has resulted in many objects and products for on the table as in the restaurant. For example, the dinner service collection made by Royal Tichelaar in Makkum and the bronze mussel pots designed exclusively for restaurant Oud Sluis in honour of Ronny Herman and the history of the legendary building at Beestenmarkt in Sluis.

Job and Nynke designed fifteen unique compositions for The Jane that adorn the enormous windows of the chapel, from iconic religious images to croissants, skulls and smileys. Upon entering the restaurant, you feel the magic of the building and you cannot stop looking at the many details and the subtle humour of the drawings. All the drawings were perfectly made in stained glass by the Steinfort company, who always supplies glass to Studio Job. The stained glass replaced the old glass in lead and is insulated, and is therefore up to date!

Job and Nynke designed twelve unique prints for The Jane that adorn the enormous windows of the chapel; when you enter the restaurant you feel the magic of the building and cannot stop looking at the details and the subtle humour of the drawings. We are always humble and thankful to be able to work in such a spectacular environment and show what we can do. We hope that we will be able to work there for a long time to come and with the beautiful art on the windows Job and Nynke are never far away, each and every day!

Rahi Rezvani

Rahi Rezvani, the photographer, the artist and the man with a vision. This man with a vision had to flee from Teheran and ended up in the Netherlands where he was able to show all of his artistic talents and he has gained impressive achievements. We are happy that our paths crossed years ago and that we have built up a warm and long-term relationship.

Rahi has applied his well-known style in the early stages, as we were forced to make a website due to the attention our project received. We felt this was a bit odd as this was more than a year before our opening. Many people asked us to keep a sort of diary so that anyone who was interested could follow us. As we all felt we were onto something special, we did not want to expose every detail, and we wanted to retain the magic until the day of the opening.

Rahi came with the plan to have a photo model perform a reversed striptease. Naked being the ruins of the chapel, up to the dressed in the uniform of the waitress in a fully equipped restaurant! A brilliant idea, but we received comments on it, various comments, voices and opinions that became silent as the art project progressed. Due to the power of this idea and our unconditional support to Rahi and the aid of Epesi we retained the performance of this idea.

Art has triumphed as the intention of Rahi has become clear and that is why we will repeat: Rahi is a man with a vision!

Sofie Lachaert and Luc d´Hanis

What can we say more about Sofie Lachaert and her husband Luc d’Hanis, other than that they are an inexhaustible source for us to continue where others stopped, to dig deeper in ourselves and to cross our boundaries beyond what we know? Much more… we can tell you a lot more! We could say that these are the sweetest and softest people we know and have supported us through thick and thin through the years. We could say that you should visit their B&B in Tielrode, so you know what we are talking about. We could say that you should visit each exposition they organise and we could say that you will be happy with an item of Luc and Sofie in your home, whatever it may be.

If you enter the cellar in The Jane, just take note of the mirrors in the ladies toilet! We have a gorgeous piece of work of old tin plates on which Sofie and Luc mirrors took lots of hours of manual work, but the result is truly amazing! They have again amazed us with their art and passion and have never seized to move us with the wonder of a new creation. Let it be clear that we belong together and that we will continue to amaze each other, as this is our joint mission!

Eric Kleinberg

This photographer, guitar player, cook, traveller and adventurer introduced himself to us though Facebook. As soon as we saw his work we were convinced. We invited him for lunch and asked him to document the first week of The Jane. The result of this photo shoot can be seen alongside the photos of PP de Meijer and Rahi Rezvani on this website. Why are we so enthusiastic about Eric? Because his photos are super powerful. Because he is able to think from our perspective due to his background in gastronomy. And because he is such a wonderful guy. We have not only gained a photographer, but also gained a friend. One who will certainly make waves in future.

PP de Meijer

He is a general practitioner, but Peter Paul has been our photographer for years. He works for clients such as Red Bull, O’Neill and Motion Analysis and provides photos for international magazines such as Traveller’s World, Whitebook China and Powder Magazine. We are therefore more than honoured that he found the time to make the photos for this website. And yes PP, we are again amazed by the result.

Stanislas Lahaut

Lahaut uses small things, almost insignificant things, to make well-aimed digs at contemporary man and his state of indifference. Lahaut uses playfulness as a strategy for broaching serious and essential matters.
He gets a party going, but immediately shows the day after too.

Through our collaboration with ‘We Can Dance’ festival, we got in touch with Belgian artist Stanislas Lahaut.
A tragicomic, yet poetic approach of life characterizes his text work and installations. To us, his line ‘Can I Stay A Little Longer – I’m So Happy Here’
matches our restaurant philosophy perfectly, as we long for our guests to support these words and expect that indeed they are happy whilst dining out in The Jane.
We hope that, like us, you may recognise and acknowledge the words of Stanislas’ work as well.

Arno Declercq

When art comes with a story, we are bound to love it. And to us, Arno Declercq is an artist with a such a story. Arno is a Belgian designer and art dealer who makes interior objects, driven by his passion for design, ambiance, history and craftsmanship. Each piece is unique and entirely handmade of tropical hardwood combined with Belgian oak, which has been dried for over thirty years. To secure the wood against weathering, each piece gets roasted and riveted to give it a patina look and eccentric feel. His work is exposed in different spots in The Jane for you to admire them. Perhaps you may want to procure one yourself to furnish your home. If so, you can buy your favourite Declerq piece in the restaurant.


We chose Pioneer for the sound installation in the Upper Room Bar. We wanted to have an atmosphere in the bar where you are absorbed by the music, and that is why we sought the help of specialists. Pioneer is a solid brand in the dance scene and it just so happened that we knew a couple of people in this scene. We were perfectly informed and assisted by our friends, and that is what you feel, the sound that you feel inside your belly!

Bowers & Wilkins

The requirements with regard to sound are different in the restaurant and Bowers & Wilkins have helped us achieved this. Their warm sounds fill the former chapel and provide musical warmth. B&W made sure that additional care and attention was paid to the acoustics so that people can enjoy the atmosphere without any distractions. This company has so much knowledge and expertise, so much love for tone and sound that we recognised their passion in our love for cooking!

We have opted for the AM1 in the restaurant, the perfect speaker that is present, but still discrete. These loudspeakers from B&W made sure that the difficult space of the chapel is filled with the warm sounds of our music!

header photo © Joris Voorn

Resident DJ’s

Music is a very important aspect in The Jane. It adds just as much to the experience of the guest as the interior, the service and even the taste of the dishes. The music is selected very carefully and just to give an extra touch, one of our resident DJ’s sometimes gets behind the DJ booth in the Upper Room Bar.

The release of a cd was therefore just a matter of time, The Jane Emulsion Vol. 1 was launched end 2015, and a second cd, The Jane Vol. 2: Depth of Focus in 2017.

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Kajan Chow

Kajan Chow
Kajan Chow is a music connoisseur, moving forward within the contemporary electronic- and sonic- landscape with an international DJ-experience of nearly fifteen years. Next to being resident DJ of The Jane, he also curates Nu Even Deephouse, is the co-founder of Zeezicht Festival, and performs live as Omega Zen.

He carefully selects tracks to define and maintain the harmonious balance between music and fine dining at The Jane. Kajan prefers to embrace diversity in his sets; contagious house grooves and complex techno are inseparable elements for him. However, don’t be surprised if you hear him play funk, soul and jazz-rhythms in one of his beloved down- / mid-tempo dj-sessions.

This among other things, makes him an outstanding match with The Jane.

Maxim Lany

Maxim Lany
Maxim Lany is one of Belgian finest DJ’s, but has long since moved past the Belgian borders. Staying true to his roots, Maxim is still living and working in his beloved city of Ghent, where he made his first DJ sets with the records owned by mum and dad.

He is famed for his tightly mixed adventurous sets, in which fat bangers and odd-ones out get an equal share. It’s his very own universally acclaimed sound, which not only made him a household name, but also led to starting his own label.

Maxim is challenged in The Jane to give the guests a total experience by matching the music with the fine dining experience. He finds this to be amazing.
Maxim also worked with Nick on The Jane Vol. 2: Depth of Focus.

Nick Bril

Nick Bril
Next to being head chef of The Jane, Nick Bril is also a fanatic music-lover.
Gastronomy and music are for him a symbiosis of his full perception of live and love. You will find him quite regularly behind the DJ booth in the Upper Room Bar, after closing hours, but also during the ‘A night with…” sessions with one of the resident DJ’s.

But it goes beyond The Jane only, meanwhile Nick was also scheduled for leading festivals like Tomorrowland, Extrema Outdoor Belgium, We Can Dance and he gets behind the DJ booth in clubs like La Rocca, Club Vaag, Kelly Palmer and Café d’Anvers.