De Warmste Pot


The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker. However, just as last year, The Jane will try to bring some extra light and warmth during these cold winter days.

On December 22nd, The Jane will host 'De Warmste Pot' for Belgian radio station Studio Brussel?s Music for Life. Nick and the other chefs at The Jane will prepare a delicious hotpot to support charity. This year we want to raise money for vzw ArmenTeKort and vzw Superkrachtig Lekker, two organisations we feel strongly committed to. Your contribution for a bowl of hotpot will be donated entirely to our two charities of choice.


The event will take place at Paradeplein (Antwerp), the square in front of the restaurant. Would you like to stop by to show your support to Superkrachtig Lekker and ArmenTeKort? Team The Jane will provide drinks, music, waffles and more from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Please feel welcome to pay us a visit and join our cosy winter happening.



This organisation seeks structural solutions for people living in poverty and experiencing social disadvantage. Vzw ArmenTeKort has worked out a ?buddy system?, which implies that privileged and underprivileged citizens go out together. By connecting fellow citizens, new friends and connections are made, which might open new doors. This approach has already created a multitude of opportunities for disadvantaged families in Antwerp.

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Vzw Superkrachtig Lekker originates from the idea that children who are ill or struggle with a disease can be helped with proper nutrition. Not only nutritional value in the strict sense is important, but good, homemade food, favourite dishes and comfort food can also play an important role in their healing. Children fighting cancer often lack appetite. Superkrachtig Lekker believes that the right approach (for example letting them help in the kitchen, try dishes and finding out which flavours they like), enables the body to relax and be supported in a different way whilst fighting the disease.

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De Warmste Pot is made possible by Black-Cod, Bondec, De Laet & Van Haver, De Jager NV, Demeyere, Duvel, Electro-Industrielle, Fairylicious Moments, Gomad, Groen Kwartier, Groothandel Claessens, Hierbas de las Dunas, J&M Catering, Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht, La Nebbia, Lab26, Lockley Bloemenspeciaalzaak, Mary V, Metro, Militair Hospitaal Leeft, Natural Tableware, Nick Beheer, P-Productions,, Vin d'Orange & Port d'Anvers, Rene Opsedee, Stad Antwerpen, Studio Brussel, Tibbaa, Vlaamsch Broodhuys, Willy Vanilli, Wine-Art, Zwartopwit.

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